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Nov 20, 2012 at 06:37 PM

Report Bursting (Profile Publication) issue with Webi Report


Hi BOBJ Gurus,

We are facing a very strange issue with profile publication in BOBJ. We have created roughly 12 reports in Webi and we publish all of them using Profile personalization (Report Bursting).All these reports use SAP BI/BW queries as source. All reports work fine with publication except 1 report.

This report is about Customer Trend and we show customer trending for last 13 months along with measured key figures like YTD quantity and YTD amount for each customer. This report data is refreshed every month in SAP BW/BI and every month report should pick YTD value for current reporting month. So following is how our report is:-

Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12 Apr-12 May-12 June-12 July-12 Aug-12 Sept-12 YTD Quan.

Customer 1 10 20 30 15 10 20 10 20 15 20 10 10 190

As you can see each month has an associated quantity and it also has asscoiated YTD value coming from SAP BW/BI. Since we need to show YTD values for current reporting month only, we have used function called LAST in Webi formulas to pick current month record for each customer and get measured value of YTD quantity associated with picked up record.

In above example 190 is correct YTD value what it shoud show but instead of picking current reporting month based on LAST function, when we run report with profile publication, it randmonly picks up different month records for customer (Say in this example july-12) and shows YTD value as 170 instead of 190.

Strange part is that it works fine when we run report online or scheudled it with Prompt values. It DOESN'T work fine when it runs with profile publcation.

Has anyone of you encountered such issue? Please suggest appropriate resolution.