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Nov 20, 2012 at 06:00 PM

Import against different scenarios


Dear All,

We import the material "Toy 1 " some times by paying Customs Duty, CVD, etc.. and some times against advance licence.

The purchase order is common for both the types of scenario i.e with customs duty payment or against advance license

While the transaction is against customs duty we face no problem. When the import is by using advance license, we face the following issue - Which I have highlighted using example :

  1. Custom MIRO done for Qty of 3809.50 kg against PO no. 700180009 through doc xxx
    with a value of Rs. 0.07 & it is a correct entry.

  1. 2. GRN is done for Qty of 3809.50 kg against PO no. 700180009 through doc xxx, but SAP have passed an entry of BCD (Basic Custom Duty) with negative value in custom clearing account as well a positive entry in P&L account for BCD (Basic Custom Duty).

Since we had cleared the goods against advance license there would be no BCD entry at the time of GRN, due to this there are a huge negative balance in custom clearing account & also impacting to P&L due to debit impact of entry.

Screen shot :- Custom MIRO

Screen shot :-GRN

Please help us by understanding the solution. Since our company is really large and work on very segregated model of business where the process of making PO's are kind of restricted due to business requirements, we are unable to really split the PO into 2.

Await answer. In case the query is not clear, please do revert so that we can better explain the problem.


K.K. Agarwal


Entry 1.jpg (32.3 kB)
Entry 2.jpg (73.5 kB)