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Nov 20, 2012 at 05:33 PM

Direct Storage of Configuration for Models Created in IPC/CRM to SAP ECC


Hello All,

Can someone help me with the question below.

The Notes that have been referred are 1) 847643 2) 792790 3) 706162.

We have VC Models created in ECC and then Replicated to IPC via Knwledge Base (KB run time Version). A Model is validated in the KB
Runtime version in IPC and then through Middle Ware we Created requisite sales Document like Quote or Sales Order in SAP ECC. We feel
that we can improve the system performance if we are able to use the direct storage mechanism availble in CRM, i.e. when we create a Sales
order in SAP ECC using a Sales Order already created in SAP CRM we have the ability to do a direct storage of Configuration i.e. we do not need
to validate the VC Model in SAP ECC again and this can result in performance Improvement.

We have gone through list of SAP OSS Notes and havent found any note that prescribes how to use the direct storage functionlity the list of
Note referred are as follows 1) 847643 2) 792790 3) 706162. Note:- I tried marking the SCE Field in the Structure ORDER_CFGS_REF in
the BAPI- BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2, this has not made any difference in the System Performance improvement.

Is it possible to switch off the configuration in SAP ECC under certain circumstnaces when we create the Sales order via BAPI which gets it
data from IPC Knwoledge Base. This will result in a performance improvement for VC Models.

Warm Regards