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Nov 20, 2012 at 02:15 PM

separate customer advance with downpayment


we have three AR scenarios:

scenario 1 (downpayment):T-code: F-29 customer downpayment 300 , special GL indicator: A,

then T-code Fb70 invoice 2000, how to clear invoice and customer downpayment? any steps to follow?

scenario 3(advance ): we have customer advance 3000 and invoice 3000, should we use F-29, same special GL indicator A for advance?

or should we use another special GL indicator? how to clear advance and invoice?

scenario 3 (transfer posting), we have Dr: AR-customer A 2000 Cr: revenue 2000, we want to transfer AR to another balance account: recharge

in F-30, what should be my posting keys? do I need to use special GL indicator? can anyone explain what should be double entry for F-30?