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Nov 20, 2012 at 12:41 PM

Coveyance exemption (/3C4 and /4E3) computation issue


This is regarding Conveyance monthly exemption (/3C4) in case of multiple splits in a given period

As per the function INCCO, the monthly conveyance allowance is compared with the exemption limit mentioned in the table T7INT9. Minimum of the two is used to arrive at the monthly conveyance exemption for the employee.

In our system, all pay elements get rounded off to the nearest rupee. In the schema rounding off takes place in factoring and storage after pay elemnts have been valuated.

Due to the above mentioned processes at the runtime, incorrect annual conveyance exemption (/4E3) is getting calculated.

For reference, have mentioned a scenario below where it poses an issue -

There is a WPBP split wef:

a. 01.10.2012 to 02.10.2012, and

b. 03.10.2012 to 31.10.2012

Monthly conveyance allowance (9CON) = 800 and exemption limit is also 800 in our system.

Split No. of Days Amount After Rounding off 1 2 51.61 52 2 29 748.39 748

Since, 51.61 and 748 is less than their corresponding amounts so /3C4 value will be 51.61 and 748.

Now, /4E3 = 4800 + (51.61*6) + (748*6) = 9597.66

whereas this should have been 9600.

Request you to give a suggestion on how to resolve the above mentioned issue arised due to customized rounding off and standard INCCO functionality.

We have already applied pre-requisite notes.


Ritika Sharma