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Nov 20, 2012 at 08:33 AM

How to declare internal table using include Pnnnn?


How to create a internal table using include?

I am trying to define an internal table and a structure based on P0000.

TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_p0000,
include TYPE p0000,
END OF ty_p0000.

DATA: g_p0000 type ty_p0000,

t_p0000 type TABLE OF ty_p0000.

the above statements creat a flat structure table where all columns are condensed into single column and all values are concatenated.

data BEGIN OF t_p0000 OCCURS 0.
INCLUDE type p0000.
data END OF t_p0000.

data BEGIN OF g_p0000.
INCLUDE type p0000.
data END OF g_p0000.

the above creates a table but this is obsolete.