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Former Member
Jul 26, 2005 at 05:43 AM

Problem in Loading Data from Ods to CUBE


hi all,

i have a small problem.

i have loaded some data to ODS using Delta Loading and the data is in the NEW DATA section. i have been asked to activate the data and then load it into Cube. While activating it starts the process and completes too

[The QM status is green].

but in the request tab of ODS->MANAGE.

it does not shows any PSA request number generated .

and so it is not alowing me to upadate the data in my infocube .

When i goto the background job list, the job is cancelled and the log shows the following :

--Error getting SID for ODS <ODS NAME> object

--Activation of data records from ODS object <ODS NAME> terminated

what sud i do.

please help me.