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Nov 19, 2012 at 07:09 PM

SAP E-Recruiting: Management Involvement


Hello dear SAP E-Recruiting experts,

I have a client who wishes to implement SAP E-Recruiting, but has a special requirement:

External persons, who are not defined as employees (don't have personnel number),

should be defined as hiring managers within the recruiting process.

As such, they should create requests for requisitions, assess candidates who apply for their positions etc.

According to my knowledge, a hiring manager can be defined in the recruiting process only if he/she has the following objects:

P, NA, CP, BP and a username.

However, these externals don't have P and even may not have a sap users assigned to them.

I have some "creative" ideas of how to implement that request, but I would be very happy to hear ideas from you.

Thank you,