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Nov 19, 2012 at 07:13 PM

Accumalated Depreciation Carry forward Balances in Asset Accounting



For some of the entities asset values were incorrectly converted for tax depreciation areas (15 and 20) in 2009 when the assets were actually taken over into SAP system. Hence we are trying to rectify the asset values from 2009 onwards only in tax depreciation areas (15 and 20). Tax depreciation areas (15 and 20) are only for reporting purpose and do not post to general ledger. The values in book depreciation area (01) which will post to general ledger are correct and no corrections are needed for the assets in this area.

The current fiscal year closed for the entities is 2011. We opened the fiscal year 2009 only for tax depreciation areas (15 and 20) by implementing the SAP OSS note 646691. We created some transaction types viz. ZI1 to ZI6 and restricted these transaction types only for tax depreciation areas (15 and 20). All corrections in tax depreciation areas (15 and 20) were posted using these transaction types and ABSO transaction code. Please note we have not opened fiscal year 2009 for book depreciation area (01). The closed fiscal year for book depreciation area (01) is 2011 when we posted our adjustment entries.

After posting the adjustment entries we found that the depreciation posted for book depreciation area 01 in fiscal year 2010 and 2011 was nullified from the planned values. We observed a reversal posting was planned by the system for the entire amount of depreciation posted for these years in period 12. To correct this issue we implemented the OSS note 29694 and copyed the posted values to planned values in 2010 and 2011. After correcting this issue we observed another issue in carry forward values of accumalated depreciation from 2011 to 2012. The carry forward values for accumalted depreciation are not correct in 2012. Means the sytem is not showing the closing balance of accumalated depreciation of 2011 as the opening balance of accumalated depreciation for 2012.

I executed the fiscal year change program thinking that it will correct the opeing balances of 2012. But still there is no change in 2012 opeing balances. Could you please let us know how to correct this error.

Advance thanks for all your help


Koteswararao Padarti