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Nov 19, 2012 at 05:30 PM

Question about field STATUS_IDX in table ADMI_FILES


Howdy to all that subsribe here,

My company is interested in data archving (as it should be) and we are pursuing a number of avenures to fulfill that requirement. One of them is learning how to use the standard SAP processes. I have been experimenting with FI_DOCUMNT and using the SAP AS to access data once it has been archived. So far it's going OK. The last frontier I have to cross is how to destroy archived data once hte data is at the end of it's life. I think I know how to do that, but in the course of doing so I learned about table ADMI_FILES and its importance to the process.

I noticed one oddity in looking at the file contents. I noted that field STATUS_IDX has a visual indicator in SE16N and has a red light for "No index generated". This bothers me and I have done a lot of playing around in SARI checking the index to the archive files and that seems fine for the infostructure I defined for the object. I also poked around in SARA to see if I forgot a step and it's not apparent to me that I did.

I also tried browsing on the Internet for a reason why that indicator is red and the Interent has not been very helpful.

It's not a huge issue and I suppose I can move ahead but it bothers me to see that setting and it concerns me that there's a step I missed. Just so everyone who reads this knows, SARI works just fine for accessing the archived data, so if the indicator is telling me I will have data access issues, i am not seeing them.

Best regards and thanks in advance.

Jon Russell