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Nov 19, 2012 at 03:22 PM

Workflow Get Event


Hi Guys,

I am new to workflow, and seem to have a problem Get Event Item for My workflow. The process goes thus,

I'm trying to create a workflow for approval of a quotation.

Now I have created the workflow and also created an event in zbus2031 called approvalstatus (note i had already delegated bus2031 to zbus2031).

Now once the release status of the quotation is changed, I call the sap_wapi_create event function module, and it creates the event as expected. Meanwhile i have created a Wait Event in my workflow which has to wait for the the approval status till the approval status changes the then take the workflow to the next workitem.

My Process Flow

a. Quotation is created.

b. Workflow Sends a mail to User1 for approval.

c. User1 changes the status of the quotation

d. Workflow sends a mail to User2.

e. User2 makes final changes and releases it.

From C, when User1 makes the change, My SAP_WAP_EVENT_CREATE is called and it creates the event, but when I check SWI1, its says "WAITING FOR APPROVAL STATUS" whereas when I check SWEL is tells me that event have been created and was received successfully, but nothing happens, i check the graphic its still on the event and havent moved to the next step.

If I then try to edit the document and save, the work item gets executed.

Please Assist.