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Nov 19, 2012 at 03:47 PM

How to modify label tab from FITV_POWL_TRIPS WDA


Hi Experts,

I have some needs and since 3 days I am desperately on it . I guess it is not so complex but my knowledge are a bit limited on FPM.


1) My first need is to change the label button in the screen below and for every tab of the application.

2) I would like to change the label tab of the screen below.

In order, I tried to find the way with "Component Configurations" in SE80. No success. Then I implemented enhancement point directly in the application, in WDDOMODIFYVIEW of the View ... But I see, that it's not possible cause I have no component in the layout and nothing in the context ... How can I modify a component of my screen if I have not any binding on it.

Below, the screen about what I tried to modify in "application config" and "component config" ...

Clearly, I have no idea how can I do the modification of this standard. Please, could you help me step by step to perform my needs.

Thank a lot.




PA1.JPG (91.8 kB)
PA2.JPG (119.7 kB)
PA3.JPG (34.1 kB)