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Nov 19, 2012 at 02:42 PM

I'd like to cancel all my messages with "system error" status


Hi gurus:

My system's BC:MSG_AUDIT table is continuously growing. At this moment, it has more than three millon records. Apparently, this table contains audit information of messages, ie, the different versions of each.

In Adapter Engine I can see a lot of messages in "system error" status. I've tried a lot of reports with the idea to cancel and delete these messages, but I have not succeeded so far. Some of the messages have been reprocessed more than 900 times, making it grow tremendously the number of entries in BC_MSG_AUDIT table.

I've activated the XML messages archiving and deleting in my PI 7.1.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? and, how could I fix it?

Thanks to all in advance and best regards,

Alejandro Gómez.