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Nov 19, 2012 at 09:32 AM

KSA End of Service


Dear Gurus;

I'm writing the PCR Logic for KSA End of Service.

Currently I did 2 PCRs, 1 for gathering the required wage types and the other for the calculation.

The first one worked fine and the wage types have been gathered in one wage type. But the one for the calculation is not processed and I believe that I'm doing something wrong in the logic, so if you don't mind would you plz consult me how to wrtite its logic.

I've stored the number of working days in Wage type 7010

As you know the calculation is

* In case of Resignation

Compare the number of yrs of service by 2 yrs "after subtracting the number of Unpaid Absence during this period"

* Smaller than or Equal 2 yrs

addwt *

> Bigger

NUM?5yrs (1825) after subtracting the number of Unpaid Absence during this period

* Smaller than or Equal

AMT of Net Salary * 0.5 (half)

AMT*0.33 (1/3)

AMT* number of yrs of experience

> Bigger

NUM?10 yrs (3650)

* Smaller than or Equal

for the first five yrs


AMT* Number of yrs

Then for the rest AMT of the net payment * Number of yrs experience


KSA4.png (31.8 kB)
KSA2.png (49.3 kB)
KSA.png (106.4 kB)