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Nov 19, 2012 at 09:56 AM

Material delivery for project stock & Cost of goods sold


For a project stock scenario, where the final material comes into "Q" stock, what is the appropriate method of delivery ? (a) Using VL01N - regular delivery or (b) using CNS0 - delivery from project?

The project stock scenario we employ has the finished good being made for

"Q" stock. The requirement is generated from assignment of the material

to the network activity, which creates a order reservation in MRP.

After the material is produced, we use VL01N to process the delivery and

the post goods issue (movement 601 / Q). The MM-FI postings for the post

goods issue result in correct postings to the cost of goods sold accounts.

However, after the post goods issue is done, the order reservation from the

network still remains in MRP and the next MRP run generates another planned

order to fulfill the requirement, which is incorrect.

This order reservation could be removed by setting the TECO status, however

there may be additional work to be done, and nightly MRP run results in the

planned order.

The alternative we are looking at is using the project delivery - CNS0.

What the CNS0 and the subsequent post goods issue does is that it issues the material to the network from "Q" stock (movement 281 / Q). This removes the order reservation successfully in MRP. However, in standard SAP, this movement type "expenses" the material to the network. There is no cost of goods sold posting.

The questions are

(a) if we decide to use CNS0 to process delivery and post goods

issue, should we modify the MM-FI movement account settings so that the cost of goods sold accounts are used?

(b) If not, at what time will the cost of goods sold get hit if we are

using the CNS0 process?

(c) which is the correct way to go - VL01N or CNS0?