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Nov 19, 2012 at 09:08 AM

CR - How to create 2 subreports which have the same formatting?


Hi everybody!

I have a main CR report which contains several on-demand subreports.

Sub1 is already complete.

I now want to create Sub2 so that (apart from the different fields), it looks exactly as Sub1 as far as placement of the rows are concerned.

Sub2 should have same number of rows on each page as Sub1. and the rows should occupy identical positions.

Both Sub1 and Sub2 have 2 fields in common: Department and ItemCode, but the other fields may be different. Also the datasource is another stored procedure.

An analogy will help here:

If I print both subreports separately, and then glue the 2 subreports end to end, they should read like a single giant report.

How should I proceed to achieve this?

Can I start from a copy of Sub1 and modify the datasource (which is another stored procedure) and modify the fields to arrive at Sub2?


Leon Lai