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Nov 19, 2012 at 06:19 AM

File to HTTP scenario - a query - please help


Hi All,

PI 7.1 File to HTTP scenario - it is working fine in prd system currently - it was developed by another developer, who has now left the project and I am new to this project and put in its support group. i have not worked much on HTTP scenarios.

the above file to HTTP scenario is having in ID in receiver HTTP comm channel, the option of header fields checked and in its table below ENT-APRF field is mentioned with its value say XYZ. Now my query is - if i want to know what is the output URL(including the header field data) to which the output req msg is sent through this receiver HTTP comm channel, then how can i know it?

Moreover, in SXMB_MONI for processed messages of this interface, i went to the trace part - but it did not had much information - the trace level was 2 - the OutboundBinding showed the fields of HTTP comm channel, but the header attribute above was having a different value there say ASD. Now one more query - how this different value is coming in ENT-APRF field in the SXMB_MONI msg double-click - SOAP Header - OutboundBinding just above Trace option containing header field information?

Please help in understanding this header field thing in HTTP receiver comm channel.

I also checked the SM59 connection getting used in the HTTP reciever comm channel - it had in the path prefix this thing : /invoke/gateway:getFile

Just to explain the above scenario in more detail - the scenario works like this - a dummy test file is send through sender file adapter and then using this HTTP receiver comm channel a file is brought from the third party system and then using a receiver file adapter that file is written to the file system of PI. This is the whole scenario. Now seeing the above path prefix, it seems to me that the File is brought invoking the getFile function - but how is this ENT-APRF getting used here and also how its value got changed in SXMB_MONI message display in OutboundBinding.

Please help to clarify these queries. Thanks in advance.