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Nov 19, 2012 at 06:15 AM

f-58 print cheque process


dear all,

In our company cheque printing process is done by F-58 , below

First f-58 --> fbz5 ----> cheque print (whole transactions are integrated)

problem : process of f-58 to fbz5 takes average 30-40 minutes.

here describing whole process below.

In F-58

enter cheque lot & house bank ---> click on enter payments

in second screen user fill up all needed information like vendor, reference, document type then proceed to open item .

where user updation is done for cheque payment.

After that payment is posted ---------- and document no. is generated . this iis end of F-58

when we continue on document no. is generated pop-up it will take 30-40 minutes to move to next screen. ( fbz5 ).

and then cheque print will be generated . spool is created.

(cheque print is not a problem but f-58 to fbz5 is taking time).

kindly help me.