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Former Member
Jul 25, 2005 at 08:46 PM

Need some help with BTCI in Infotypes group


Hi all,

I wanted to know if you know a way to make a batch-input using an infotype group such as hiring employee.

In the IMG, the groupe is as follow:

infotype 0000




9100 (specific infotype for salary elements)

and that's it.

Since I need to have others infotypes (normally filled with dynamic measures), I tried to force the batch to go beyond this point to add the infotype 0021 (Family) and 0041 (Dates), using the employee ID created through the hiring process.

But in the batch-input process it just don't go on this step, instead going into the next loop after filling the specific infotype 9100.

Do you know a simple way to bypass it or do I need to ask for a little adjustment on the infotypes group ?