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Nov 19, 2012 at 12:03 AM

RE : How to find out tables used in custom data source


Hello gurus,

I have been trying me best to find an answer to the question from many days. I have gone through many SAP forums and sdn forum but I could not get a straight answer for this. I request you to let me know the answer for this.

Q : How do I find the tables used in custom data source (Y or Z) created for BW ?

A: known answer

1) going to RSA2 giving the data source name and going to source code and find out the tables.

Isuue : Issue I had in find tables was that t custom data source is built on view tables and other custom tables so that fields in that particular custom tables

are from different standard tables. I am not able to find which tables are used for custom data source

2) RSA3 -- > going here and giving the data source name. going to the debugging mode and finding the tables in code.

Except these two could u please suggest me if there is any other way of finding the tables used for custom data source. Please let me know that would really solve a lot of issues in my case.