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Nov 18, 2012 at 09:20 PM

"Attribute Only" Flag stores in which table of InfoObject?



I was trying to understand InfoObjects Properly with respect to "Attribute Only" flag as I want to have strong understanding. Searching the forums and not getting clear answer.

1) I have found below statement in one of forums PDF file: which is not correct (after I have tried ). SID table cannot be generated, if it is checked as "Attribute Only" flag.

** The SID table is always generated if an InfoObject is not defined as ‘attribute only’ (tab page general).

2) We have lot of InfoObject tables based on different attribute types. I am looking for the table which holds whether main characteristic is "Attribute Only" or not.

3) I have created main characteristic InfoObject with "Attribute Only" check box and added 2 new attributes which are NOT checked as "Attribute Only".

Created new main characteristic as (ZCH_DEP2). Please check "Attribute only" value.

Create "ZCH_DEP21" as dependent characteristic of "ZCH_DEP2" (Please UN-check "Attribute only" value.)

Create "ZCH_DEP22" as dependent characteristic of "ZCH_DEP2" (Please UN-check "Attribute only" value.)

Data for "ZCH_DEP2"




I can view the data without any issues. I have read sometime back that, you cannot upload master data attributes, if main infoobject is selected as "Attribute Only" flag (not finding that link now). Is this normal to upload master data in this case also?

4) If you have any further information, please share your knowledge.

Points will be rewarded 😊