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Nov 18, 2012 at 07:51 AM

alv report on sales order


Hi Gurus,

I have a requirement wherein i have to create an interactive alv report with two radio buttons. when we select the first radiobutton the report should display all the orders which are not closed or cancelled where no shipment or billing has happend by delivery date. Also should display some fields which have some calculations like-

discount %- from SO conditions based on calculation discount amount divided net value multiplied by 100.

sales order total- net value at sales order header data except in DIEN materials where delivery fee will not be accounted for.

delivery total- this would be the sum delivery fee DIEN item total-(sum of all items which has delivery DIEN item).

installation total-this would be the sum installation fee DIEN item total-(sum of all items which has installation DIEN item).

delivery/installation tax total - tax total of the line items with either delivery or installation DIEN material

total sale - total sales order value without tax.

unit price - this will be the material unit price after all discounts before tax based on item level total divided by item quantity.

my second radio button should fetch the data like for a give date a detailed listing of gift card products purchased by order along with the discount percent applicable to each individual order.

As iam very new to reports based on crm tables i am having a hard time picking up the fields like delivery date, line item number, item type,tax total, customer reporting group, storage location rejection code, rejection code description, unit of measure for material etc.,

please help me out with an elaborated logic on how to fetch the data from crm_order_read fm along with the calculation logic.

last but not least when the user double clicks on the order number, crmd_order transaction should be opened in display mode.

thanks in advance,