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Nov 17, 2012 at 12:43 PM

No Data is getting Transported in th Table Maintainance Generator


Hi All,

I have created Table Maintainance Generator.

Have done the below steps to change the field names of the columsn in the Table.

Maintenance screens can be modified so as to enable or disable any of the fields during table maintenance. It means that any of the fields can be made editable or non-editable based on the requirement through modification of maintenance screens.

It can be achieved through following procedure:

1. Go to Environment ->

Modifications ->

Maintenance Screens

Pls fidn the screen shot of the TBG:

I am facing the issue in trasporting the Entries from one client to other.

i am getting blank data in the table after transporting..

Can any one pls help !1


1.JPG (46.3 kB)
2.JPG (35.8 kB)