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Nov 17, 2012 at 11:16 AM

Problem with GDATU field to get the year


Dear Friends,

I am writing select query on TCURR table , but unable to get the values from table because of the GDATU field as I am passing this from input screen as fiscal year in where condition and this is not matching with the GDATU as this is in different format.

I mean to say i have to fetch year from this GDATU so that I can pass this to input screen in where condition so that I can get the records from TCURR.

Please help me if you have idea .

MY query is as follows.

SELECT kurst




FROM tcurr

INTO TABLE gt_tcurr1

WHERE kurst = 'F'

AND tcurr = 'GBP'

AND gdatu = if2. (input screen project defintion(for ex: fiscal year as 2013 as I have to take year from gdatu))

soon reply is highly appreciated .