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Nov 16, 2012 at 07:54 PM



Hi All,

We are working on SAP AFS, We are seeing some issues with Make to Stock. The strategy group we are using is 40.

We have a Production order ( Semi finished ) with quantity 100, We are having 3 operations, we are confirming the first operation with excess quantity say 150,

The Semi finished production order is in PCNF status (with first operation 0010 confirmed) with excess confirmation and is being counted by MRP as inventory. So when MRP runs for FG it looks at this PCNF semi finish order and accounts for these excess confirmations and proposes reduced quantities on semi finished orders for next requirements.

For example :

Semi finished Order 1 : Sched Qty 100, Operation 0010 confirmed 150 (50 excess – confirmation). Please note other operations are not confirmed yet so no final inventory exist.

FG Order 1 : Required quantity 100 consumes first 100 of the semi finish order.

FG Order 2 : Required quantity 60. MRP uses the 50 from first semi finished order and generates a planned order with quantity 10.

Is there a setting in the system, which can instruct MRP to only account for inventory which is confirmed and ignore over confirmations at operation level.

Thanks in Advance.