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Nov 16, 2012 at 03:19 PM

How to compare a sent MATMAS IDOC and to be sent MATMAS IDOC?


Hello all;

I create and send my IDOCs from SAP R/3 system to non-SAP system. When I use MATMAS Idoc for material master data, I works fine to send all of the required fields of material master data. However for the field "MARA-LVORM", If I change the material "TO BE DELETED", which means the field "MARA-LVORM" to be "X", Idoc gets created and sent it with the deletion flag.

1- If I have sent the material IDOC without the deletion flag before, my NON-SAP system will delete the material with my new material IDOC which has a deletion flag. (No problem on this, besides it works perfectly but please read 2)

2- While my NON-SAP system doesnt have that material, If i send the same material's IDOC (lets say, I have changed the definition), my NON-SAP system gives an error telling this material doesnt exist and cannot be deleted!!

My business requirement could be to check previous material IDOCs of the related material and look if it has sent with deletion flag or not before. However, I dont know how to check previous IDOCs or any other way to do this.

If you have any other suggestions please kindly let me know.