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Nov 16, 2012 at 12:24 PM

EDI: Create Planned Order and Purchase Requisition IDoc


Hi experts,

we would like to send one of our suppliers the Planned Orders and also the Purchase Requisitions (POs I know how it works).

I already found that there is a message type LOIPLO for planned orders.

And I know I can create IDocs with the report RCCLPLAF for this message type.

Is there an other possibility to create this IDoc? I would like that it creates at saving and changing, like a message in Purchase Order ME22n,

And do I've to use partner type "Logical System" for this or can I also use vendor?

My next question is, how can I create a Idoc for Purchase Requisitions. Which message type and which report?

I also so that there is a message type LOISTD. But it don't works with report RMCPAMRP???

Any idea what's wrong there?

If I use this IDoc I don't have to use both IDoc from above or?

Thx in advance