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Nov 16, 2012 at 10:39 AM

MRP-run and PR release date



Got a question that hopefully someone can help me with:

In the plant parameters, I've set the Purchasing processing time to 4 working days.

Now, on day 0 (in the evening), I run a MRP run for a product which is low on stock; as a result, a PR is created.

On day 1 I don't convert the PR into a PO; shouldn't be a problem because I have 4 days. Next, on day 1 in the evening, the MRP-run is started again.

Now, I see that the release date in the PR is switched to the date of the last MRP-run. As a result, the availability date of the product itself is also moved one day into the future.

I don't understand this... to my knowledge, the MRP-run shouldn't change the release date of the PR, and it shouldn't change the availibility date.

I already noticed that this does not occur if I set my PR to fixed, but I'm struggling to find the logic for this behaviour...

Any suggestions?