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Jul 25, 2005 at 03:25 PM

Query Designer/Output problems


Hi Guys,

I have a query defined on an ODS (ODS1). In one of the keyfields (K1) of the ODS, delta data has been loaded. It has two navigational attributes (NAV1 and NAV2). In K1,

the data is:


1000 100

2000 100

3000 100

4000 100

When i execute the query, the output is as follows:


1000 100

2000 100

3000 #

4000 #

What might be the reason for getting '#' in the output for 2 of the records.

I have another Key field (K2) in ODS1. K2 has a navigational attribute (NAV3).

Even though this attribute is checked in the Navigational attributes section of the ODS,

i can't find this field in the Data part (left wndow) section of the query designer defined on this ODS.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.