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Jul 25, 2005 at 02:31 PM

ESA using SAP XI


Hi All-

There have been quite a few posting in this forum regarding the role of Exchange Infrastructure in achieving ESA.

XI acting as an integrator of the buisness processes; which actually inturn would aggregate to an organisation achieving the SOA.

I am not very sure on this; but according to my understanding, a lot would depend on the way the systems are potrayed in SAP XI System Landscape. More specifically the way the SLD(Software Component) is being laid out not just for the SAP but also for non SAP components with in an organisation.

My question is :- Are there any generic guidelines which can be followed for defining the Software Components within the SLD.

One of the methods that we are following is to arrange the Software Components and the Products for the Third Party components on the basis of products and software component which are being identified in that particular software product.

But, what would happen in case there are a lot of File to File interfaces. In such a case there won't be any specific product that we would be talking about and in that case may be arranging them using Business Processes may help.

Please provide your feedback.

Ashish Mittal

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