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Nov 15, 2012 at 06:25 PM

IC Sales order line items with multiple plants


Dear All,

I request your support and valuable inputs on below scenario.

We have a scenario where the customer place the order with sales orgn. SG01 (Singapore) to supply the 3 different items. However the plants belonged to the SG01 sales org. can not supply all the 3 items and the sales order has been created as below.

Item # Material QTY Plant

10 Mat-001 10 SG02 (Plant belongs to SG01 sales org.)

20 Mat-002 10 PH01 (IC Plant. Plant belongs to different sales org.)

30 Mat-003 10 TH01 (IC Plant. Plant belongs to different sales org.)

In the above scenario, line item 10 will be supplied by the SG02 plant which belongs to SG01 selling sales orgn. The remaining two line items (20 and 30) will be supplied by two different intercompany plants (Different countries) directly to the customer in Singapore.


How can we treat the above sales order? export order or domestic order?. When the goods shipped from non singapore plants, that will become as export shipment for the supplying plant. However, in the above scenario, th order is partially is being shipped by SG plant and hence, not sure if we can treat this as a export order or domestic order.

Apart from this, I am using Alternative sales doc. type1 (Config. in VOV8) to apply the right sales document type based on ship to party country. we have enhancement in the system to determine whether order is export or domestic based on the ship to country.For the above scenario, How i can apply the check to determine the right document type based on Ship to country and plant country?

Appreciate your inputs.