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Jul 25, 2005 at 01:47 PM

Entering value in a field of an invoice coming from R/3



I have a problem here. I am working with data that was loaded long back. I found a discrepancy and I am working on it. As you know, an invoice has Financial document number and invoice number among many other fields. For original invoice there would be a Financial document number and the invoice number field is empty. For the clearing document, coming form R/3, there would be another Financial document number but the invoice number is nothing but the Financial document number of the original invoice. The BW system, as per the logic, now connects the Original and Clearing invoices.

Now my problem is that, in ODS(the data was loded in ODS long back),the clearing document does have an invoice number as usual that is linking it to the original invoice. But the same clearing invoice doesnot have the invoice number field filled in when checked in R/3. I extracted the invoice pair to PSA only and then simulated the update and both the source and target records doesnot have an invoice number for the clearing document. The question thats killing me is how can the invoice loaded long back had an invoice number and how the field is empty when I extract it now?

Can somebody please help.

I appreciate any help.

Thank you.

I have an invoice coming from R/3. The invoice generally has a Financial document number and an invoice number fields among others. I extracted the invoice to PSA. I found that the invoice number field is empty. Is it possible to fill up just that field manually without