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Nov 15, 2012 at 04:05 PM

Colouring The Lines In a Line Chart


I'm using Crystal Reports XI

I have a line chart that shows year over year data where the line(s) represent the year(s) and each data point along the line represents a value for a month along the line. The years involved are the selected (parameter) year and the year prior to that. So, if the user selects 2012 as the parameter, the chart will show data for 2011 and 2012. One note, which might come into play, is that there might be an instance where the user selected the first year of data. In this particular case there will only be one line.

I have the chart running correctly and displaying the correct data for each line.

So, now the question...

I want to colour the line so that the selected year is red and the prior year (if it exists) is green. As it sits now, I tried highlighting each line and "Format the Connector Lines", but it doesn't always show the correct colour for the correct year. It appears to be more related to which value (year) comes first in the data. As such, when the selected year is 2012, the chart shows (correctly) 2012 in red and 2011 in green. But, when the selected year is 2010, the line for 2010 shows green (there is no 2009).

So how do I colour these lines correctly?