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Nov 15, 2012 at 02:37 PM

Callback executed from work item ERROR in Work flow


Hi all,

I am getting the error 'Callback executed from work item' in the work flow.

But it is not happening at all times. Only once or twice in a fifty/hundred this error is coming.

As I have gone through some forums, I found that when we use parallel processing along with some wait step, these kind of issues will come.

This is because enqueue of the work item is failed. Once enqueue fails system will create a new record in the table SWP_SUSPEN and these error work flow will be started/processed again by using the report RSWWERRE(Which will be scheduled as a back job).

I can see that the report RSWWERRE is already scheduled in the system, but it is not releasing these error work items.

I can see two records in the table SWP_SUSPEN.

Error type in the table SWP_SUSPEN is 5 = work flow in status 'Error' and

12 = Error when creating or in Transient Step

Can any one tell me why these error work flow are not picking by the report RSWWERRE to start these again.

Or Do i need do any changes/prerequisites in my work flow definition to handle these when using parallel processing?

My Work flow definition:

Main work flow will be having a dialog step and sub work flow in a loop. Depending up on a condition inside the loop WF will call the dialog step or the sub wf.

For the dialog step I have configured the latest end to send recursive mails each day. The sub wf is again a replica of the main wf(With the same dialog step and the dead lines monitoring), but the only difference is that it deals with the items.

Error Screen Shot:

Please let me know whether I need to search for any notes for this kind of issues?

Thanks in Advance.

Meshack Prasan.


WF Error.jpg (43.3 kB)