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Former Member
Nov 15, 2012 at 02:06 PM

Problem with output of report not matching whats in database


I have a report that pulls data from the data base and displays each record in the access data base on a single sheet.

So i Enter my parameter field to sort what i want to display.

For my particular parameter i have 42 records.

when i am in the preview tab of the report it actualy says at the bottom right of the screen "Records:42".

But when i export to PDF i noticed that it only exports 21 records.

I then began to scroll through each output in the preview tab and found that it only brings up 21.

I tried this with other parameters and began to realize that for some reason when i enter my parameter field it only displays half in the preview of what is true in the data base.

Any one have any issues with this that can help me?