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Former Member
Nov 15, 2012 at 12:29 PM

Automatic estimation and EABL-ISTABLART


Hello experts,

we used a user exists to determine estimated MR according a some logic, for example, we can make use of the same period of the previous year, or we can make use of the last 2 periods. and accoding to the periods that we choose we determine the current MR.

our problem is EABL-ISTABLART=03 when the MR is automatic estimated regardless the base of the estimation (last year or last 2 periods).

we want to make a distinguish and make EABL-ISTABLART=99 if the estimation was according to last 2 periods.

how can we inforce the system to do this? or maybe you have other suggestions.

any answer will be apperciated.

Thanks and regards.