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Nov 15, 2012 at 09:13 AM

Issue with Enqueue replication



There is an issue with the enqueue replication in our SAP systems.

Environment: Windows 2008; 2-node cluster

Node 1: Dialog instance and the Central services instance

Node 2: Dialog instance

Enqueue replication instance is installed locally in both the nodes

I checked the status of the enqueue replication server using the following command.

ensmon pf=X:\SID\SYS\profile\<ERS_instance_profile

Try to connect to host HOSTNAME service sapdp01

get replinfo request executed successfully

Replication is enabled in server, but no repl. server is connected

The dev_enrepha log has the following entries.

Thr 14664] Thu Nov 15 16:34:04 2012

[Thr 14664] *** ERROR => OpenClusterResource failed with: 5007

[ensrepha.cpp 1071]

[Thr 14664] *** WARNING => EnRepPollThread:Loop: failed to poll HA software (rc=1): don't replicate [ensrepha.cpp 920]

The parameter enque/enrep/ha_dll = ensrepntha.dll is set in the ERS instance profile and also the parameter enque/server/replication = true in the instance profile of the central services instance.

Any ideas on where things could be wrong? Thanks for your time.