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Nov 15, 2012 at 09:20 AM

Why Price and Quantity value able to change in PO even after GRN posted


Dear all,

I am wondering whether this is standard SAP system behavior (ECC6) or some sort of configuration missing.

Question: does R/3 allows price and net price value to amend even after GRN posted? See my following transaction testing....

First - Created a service PO

I create a service PO purchasing (i.e. no material number) with account assignment K, and item category D. Then, I put in the order line item in the item overview....

Next the Service tab in item detail section appears, and I put in 2 line items of the service activities. There are two field in this tab (i.e. Qty and Gross Price). When I put in the price and quantity value in this tab, the quantity and price of the main line item (i.e. in the item overview section) get updated as well.

Second - Goods Receipt MIGO posted.

Third - This is where my question come in

I went back to the PO (now this PO has PO history reflected the material document 101 posting transaction). In ME52N, I was surprise that the two fields value (i.e. Qty and Gross Price) in the Service tab allows me to change the value, either increase or decrese. This result the Net Price field and Quantity field in the item overview section get changed as well.

Though it does not change the PO history, but it create a confusion and misleading picture to the business.

Kindly please enlighten me.