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Jul 25, 2005 at 10:53 AM

checkbox in table


hi dear wd experts,

i have created a 2 coloumns table, which retrieves data from a model object. It's context is nodeUTable nodeUrows attribute1.

the second table column contains a checkbox.

For the checkbox I set up a node, which carries a bool variable and which is assigned to the checkbox "checked" poperty.

I set the cardinality of the checkbox node 1:n (when using 0:n the checkboxes are disabled...)

During wdDoModify I create checkbox contexts like this:

int rsize = wdContext.nodeUrows().size();
		for (int i = rsize - 1; i >= 0; i--)
			IPrivateDealer.IStandardElement standard =


so I get as many bool vars as required. I am not sure about the "invalidate()" method.

I thought, when using it like above, I could also use a 0:n cardinality for my checkbox contents. But even "validate()" won't enable the checkboxes on the webpage... hence I use 1:n.

Now I set up an onToggle Event for the checkbox, which looks like this:


Unfortunatly this only works for all checkboxes, and furthermore, once checked, I can't reset the checkboxes.

I also tried to use the getLeadSelection() of my nodeUrows. But this returns always 1.

<b>Big Question goes here:

How can I address only one checkbox???</b>

thanx a lot for your patience and help...