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Nov 14, 2012 at 05:22 PM

Created not triggering an event to kick off...


Good afternoon,

I'm wondering if anyone has ever exp this issue before. We have a ETL to be kicked off based on a trigger. The scenario is:

We use JD Edwards to run a job that creates a file called "sales" on our network drive, once this file is created it is suppose to trigger and kick off our SalesLoad ETL. Now, when this file is created through our JD Edwards the ETL never kicks off, if we manually create the file the ETL sees the file and runs, but only when we create it manually. We also have the ELT on a schedule simply because this trigger is'nt working. Unfortunately the downfall of this is if jobs become backed up on our server, then the ETL tries to kick-off and fails due to previous jobs not being run. If we could get this to just kick off upon the creation of the file there would be no hiccups since if our server becomes backed up due to jobs, the ETL would just kick off later than normal when the file is created no problems vs trying to kick off at a specific time and failing from jobs backed up. Looking for any light at the end of the tunnel to get this working! 😊

I am fairly new to BI so I apologize if maybe this is little confusing.


BI Edge XI 3.2 SP3 / WinSvr2008 / WACS (instead of TomCat)

Thank you!