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Nov 14, 2012 at 04:35 PM

SAP Portal 7.3 EHP1 Upgrade with BPM and BRM



I have few questions related to SAP Portal 7.3 Ehp1 upgrade from SAP Portal 7.0 EHP1

We are planning to upgrade the two portals from 7.0 EHP1 & CE 7.1 to 7.3 EHP1

Planning to implement


Enterprise Service Repository

Composite Evnironment


Accessing SAP Portal from Mobile and iPads.


If i upgrade my portal 7.0 EHP1 instance to 7.3 EHP1-> by default what are the components will be installed? Like BPM/ BRM & Enterprise Service Repository will be installed by default.


BPM/BRM and & Enterprise Service Repository is a separate installation or add on components on 7.3.

Is the BPM/BRM & Enterprise Service Repository are the separate license from SAP Portal or included licensing?

In lot of documents for example i went through the following article, I got confused with the information which was given

Is the BPM & BRM is not related or included to Portal installation. Is it separate instance or separate installation? or add on components on Portal?

Please clarify the relation between SAP Portal, BPM& BRM and PI installation in SAP 7.3 EHP1 and licensing.

How do we need to install to get the above components? and how the licensing for the above components is separate license or included license which are included in one license?