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Nov 14, 2012 at 04:06 PM

Issue activating DSO


Since last week a certain DSO refuses to activate. It is a standard DSO (BW system runs on NW 7.01, but this still is a 3.5 dataflow).

As far as I know, no changes were made in the source system or BW system.

See the errorlog below.

SID determination finished

Process started

Error while inserting data records for data package 1 (see long text)

Data records are in the data package more than once

Technical key: 00702217 / 00000001 / 00018329

Technical key: 00702217 / 00000002 / 00000001

Process 000001 returned with errors

Data pkgs 000001 ; Added records 1- ; Changed records 0 ; Deleted records 0

Log for activation request ODSR_DE1JIQ47OQA2CXZNZ2JFT1DT2 data package 000001...000001

Errors occured when carrying out activation

Analyze errors and activate again, if necessary

Activation of M records from DataStore object DH0009_1 terminated

When I look into the PSA, I don't see any similar data records. Can I look up the technical key somewhere?

Any suggestions how to fix this?