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Nov 14, 2012 at 01:01 PM

Debit Type 1 and 2 Determination


Dear All,

We are Implementing PS Cash Management with Project System for MTO Scenario.

I am facing below issue in PS Cash Management Report.

We are creating a Sales Order with Account assigned WBS in Sales Order header as well as line litem. Then, we will create a Production Order from Sales Order. After execution of Production Order and confirmation the FG will be received in Sales Order Stock. We will do Delivery/PGI from this Sales Order Stock and finally do the billing to raise customer invoice. Corresponding accounting and PS cash Management entries will be captured against Project WBS.

Now, after raising a customer invoice, when we check PS Cash Management report, the billing amount will show as a Vendor Payment Obligation (VendorPyObligInvoice) Invoice in Expense area. Technically, it’s revenue and need to show as a Customer Payment obligation (Cust.PyOblig.Invoice).

When I have done detail analysis with table RPSCO table, the entries with Value Type 54 and Debit Type 1 (Costs and credit-side payments) will shows as VendorPyObligInvoice and entries with Value Type 54 and Debit Type 2 (Revenues and debit-side payments) will shows as a Cust.PyOblig.Invoice in PS Cash Management. The executed cycle is having only difference in Sales Order Document Type and rest process is same.

Let me know how this Debit Type is determine exactly and does this have any link with Sales Order document type?


Atul Rajmane