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Nov 13, 2012 at 09:58 PM

Add custom partner field to incident search result list and criteria


We have this custom field created through configuration; BTPARTNER_ZLFN0004. It's called Responsible Analyst. I created an enhancement using transaction code bsp_wb_cmpwb and added this field to the details screen of the ticket under context node BTPARTNER. I used the attribute description_name which links to the responsible analyst entered at the bottom half of the incident screen under Business Partner. Here is the BOL Model path:

Root Objects



Btorder Header





BTPARTNER_ZLFN0004 and used the wizard to attribute description_name on the AIC_INCIDENT_H component in context node BTPARTNER and called the field ZZRESP_ANALYST.

I can't seem to get this field reportable into the search criteria and search result list on the search incidents screen. The incident details are component AIC_INCIDENT_H and the search list is on the intial incident screen is AIC_INCIDENT_S.

I was able to create the zzresp_analyst on the search screen using component AIC_INCIDENT_S, but it just says description_name with no values populated from the responsible analyst field. I want the field to be populated with the name on the responsible analyst field. I am definitely doing something wrong here.

Any suggestions. This was really hard to explain. Please see attached document.

Thank you.