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Nov 13, 2012 at 09:38 PM

OS Error: <No space left on device>


Hi Everyone,

I am getting the following error when running the job.

Cannot write onto Disk for the file <D:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Data

Services\log\pCache/ptbod1__bodq/924321CacheSplit3_6108_1>. OS Error: <No space left on device>

In the monitor log I see that this particular dataflow is pulling almost 4.8 million records.

DF_CUST_V /Query PROCEED 4908000 750.639 1960.385

Also, very interesting thing is we have our production environment clustered (

4 job serveres in separate machines) and we are facing this error only while the job runs on 2 particular jobservers. I cannot really ask the developer to change the design as the job runs perfectly fine on the other 2 servers. As the environment is laod balanced this job can be kicked off from an one of the servers.

Few more details about the job:

  • memory type is pageable
  • Max_Long_Data_In_Memory=2048 in DSconfig.txt. ( will increasing this and using Inmemory Cache as defualt work? We have 26 gig RAM on this box alone! )