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Nov 13, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Help creating a user exit variable


Hi all,

I've never done a user-exit variable and I need help creating one I do need.

Here is the scenario:

Customer wants to see how many days an employee has worked in a specific month:

For example, let's immagine an employe XYZ has worked in two positions:

Position A Begin date: 05.05.2011 End date: 20.02.2012

Position B Begin date: 25:02:2012 End date: 15.10.2012

Query selection screen is compounded of just 0CALMONTH (Month + Year).

If customer selects 08.2011 -> Employee has worked full month (I have to display in query value 1 as per 100%)

If customer selects 05.2012 -> Employee has worked 25 days (I have to display 25/31 = 0.81 as per working full month is 1 - 100%)

If customer selects 10.2012 -> Employee has worked 15 days (I have to display 15/31 = 0.48)

If customer selects 02.2012 -> Employee has worked 24 days = 20 for Position A and 4 for Position B (I have to display 24/28 = 0.86)

I've been said this can be done at Query level by user-exit variables, can you please, give me instructions? In which characteristic should I create de user-exit variable?