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Nov 13, 2012 at 03:47 AM

shipments in collective proc (VT04)


Hey SAP experts

I am trying to create shipments in collective proc (VT04). Under selection variant I have maintained a variant to select the required deliveries. Under grouping criteria I have given 7 routes that needs to group accordingly. My issue is under Data and options rule. Under data and options only one shipment route can be given. But I want my 7 routes to have their specific route once the execute button is cliked.

Can I create shipments for 7 different routes with one click ?? ( shipment route under header data should contain their specfiv route accordingly)

Or Do I need to maintain 7 differenent variants and rules to achieve this ? Pls help me to solve this scenario. If you are not clear pls let me know I will explain with an example. Thanks in advance.