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Nov 12, 2012 at 04:15 PM

SUP 2.01 Instance validation error, datatype problem.



I created an app via Unwired Work Space. After deploying application to mobile device and call the query for displaying as a list it gives error,

"Instance validation error: strıng is not a valid value for supportedMboTypes"

My system language is turkish so "strıng" contains turkish chracters, (it is not string ).

On workflowclient.xml i see that data types contains turkish chracters,

int - > ınt

string - > strıng

decimal - > decımal

If i use only 1 field in list (which is date format) it works!!! because there is no possiblity to contain turkish chracter in "date" format.

is there a way to solve this error ? I tried to change xml files but doesnt work. helpp!!!!