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Nov 12, 2012 at 04:12 PM

Auto TO for PCN for Transfer Postings from Location to Location with in same Warehouse


Gurus, here is the process we want to implement but not sure whether it is possible or not, please help.

We have two storage locations STRM and SPRE belongs to Plant 0114 assigned to warehouse U10. Alomost all the materials (Atleas 80%) are shared by both the locations. We often transfer the materials from STRM to SPRE and leave the stock in same bin. When we do MIGO transfer posting system is creating PCN, client wants to convert PCN to TO and confirm it automatically. I did the settings in SPRO-> LE ->WM->Activities-> Transfer -> Setup Auto TO, then schedule background job RLAUTA11 but not able to convert PCN to TO. We have same material in more than one bin in same storage type or different storage type. We are using FIFO for picking. Please advice the detailed settings required and what am i missing.