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Nov 12, 2012 at 04:52 PM

Changes in the shopping cart in Sourcing


we use Classic scenario in our environment. In SRM 5.0/ECC 6.0 , when the Purchase order is deleted , the cart come back to sourcing . The buyer can make changes in the cart and recreate Purchase order. In std SRM 7.0 , the cart comes back to sourcing . When buyer hit on change cart , the system pops up the message that "Folllow on documents exist.Shping cart can't be changed ." Is it the standard behaviour in SRM 7.0

Acutally standard SRM 7.0 , system won't allow to make change in the shopping cart in souring . SAP provided OSS notes to make the change in system for this requirement and we implemented these OSS notes. When the shoping cart comes to sourcing after all the approvals , buyer is able to make changes and create Purchase order. But when the follow on doc is created and subsequently deleted , we are getting the error message , as stated above.

Any feedback or suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks, Mani